This event was by far, EXCEPTIONAL! We had a surprise visit from Santa and he brought presents for our club members. The kids had a great parade and fun time on the custom track we had for them. Truly a memorable experience for them. Come and join us to see what this is all about and be part of a great future.


This one was the best yet. Our member count went from 17 to 19. Our very clever staff members used mini orange cones and made a track for the MiniMe members which they would have full use of after the parade.
Again we had police escort for the parade but on motorbikes this time. Lights and all!
These kids sure get a lot of attention. Evident by the number of on-lookers with happy, reminiscent smiles on their faces.
Husov jewelry co and LiquiMoly you rock!


The word was out about MiniMe. It was the new event for kids. We had 17 registered members.
There was trick-or-treat, a who’s goofier dance contest, a freeze dance and Simon says. There was also police on foot to escort the parade. Again, thanks to our sponsors Husov jewelry co and LiquiMoly.


This was our very first MiniMe event. Sponsors were Husov jewelry co and LiquiMoly.
We had 14 registered members for this day. Everyone came out! Some had their own cars, others rented from us. Both the kids and their parents were beyond excited. They’d done the parade, had a juice box and a snack and were off to their next adventure.